Tasting Catalunya

In that moment, savoring, reveling, and taking in the accompanying menu and literature, we spied an upcoming club trip to Catalonia, Spain in June 2022.  We were offered Albariño and Tempranillo, then, without pause, we joined Club Marimar and signed up for an adventure in Spain! … More Tasting Catalunya

Tranquility Now

Here we are again, on the superbly crafted catamaran “Caona,” skimming the couple miles of blue Caribbean from Nevis to St. Kitts. Submerged with snorkels and fins, warm water penetrates our souls and rum punch fortifies. We encounter forgotten lavender sea fans, Ivory tube, brain and pillar coral, colonies of life encroaching boulders on this … More Tranquility Now

Father’s Day 2014: Recalling Travels with Dad

A father’s influence is felt forever. Here, five travel bloggers share memories. * One man sought out extended life experiences abroad for his family. * A father-daughter road trip is relished for a lifetime. * Natural wonders provided the backdrop for family exploration together. * A dad’s curious mind and gravitational pull to the sea inspired yearning for the unknown. … More Father’s Day 2014: Recalling Travels with Dad

A Toddler’s Look Underwater in La Jolla

Some travel adventures are worldly and others limited in scope.  In the mind of an 18 month-old, the backyard is fascinating.  On grandparenting detail in San Diego, while our eldest son and daughter-in-law pursued Chilean delights, we sought that unique destination and content which would perhaps rival the backyard. We shared Scripps Aquarium in La … More A Toddler’s Look Underwater in La Jolla

Mother’s Day 2014: my part of a collaborative post

http://travelingwithsweeney.com/2014/05/01/traveling-with-mom/ In the 90s, we two sisters began jaunts from L.A. and Milwaukee to be with our mom. We were growing our own families and juggled to make the visits happen. We met in Maryland at her home, played Scrabble and went for crab cakes. We surprised Mother, detouring from one of our homes to … More Mother’s Day 2014: my part of a collaborative post


Irish eyes Irish coffee Irish luck Irish jig Irish fairy tale Irish pub Irish countryside Irish tradition Irish music Irish whiskey Irish charm What would you add to the list of Irishisms?

Parading for a Cause

In San Francisco’s Castro district each December, scantily clad and hugely exhilarated men and women make the annual partly unplanned trek about town. Oh so San Fran, and oh so fun, the annual Santa Skivvies event is produced by and benefits the San Francisco Aids Foundation.  It begins and ends at Lookout: 3600 16th Street.   … More Parading for a Cause