On the Bright Side

Roadways and hillsides scream with yellow, orange and purple palettes.Bunnies forage along the verdant course curves.The Sweet Acacia is pungent with myriad yellow pompoms.Brilliant Beavertail blossoms grab our attention.Cha Cha Cherry and luminous Firecracker Penstemon astound.Red spikes emerge from the Aloe.Daily green growth on the bougainvillea and mesquite hint of more to come.Lavender and daisies … More On the Bright Side

Tasting Catalunya

In that moment, savoring, reveling, and taking in the accompanying menu and literature, we spied an upcoming club trip to Catalonia, Spain in June 2022.  We were offered Albariño and Tempranillo, then, without pause, we joined Club Marimar and signed up for an adventure in Spain! … More Tasting Catalunya

About 45

Instilling doubtHindering democracyTouting fraudDisgracing AmericaSubverting humanityMocking disabilityGenerating fearIgnoring equalityCreating disharmonyDelegitimizing integritySpewing hatePerpetuating ignoranceUsing religionDefying valuesUndermining freedomPromoting racismEschewing decencyChampioning nationalismEliminating transparencyUncompromising egomaniaEspousing fascismUsurping powerDeriding moralityProhibiting opportunityWithholding aidDiscouraging free speechAdvancing elitismAccelerating the pandemicSpreading evilLacking awarenessBuilding wallsResisting scienceBlocking global unityImpeding communityElevating povertyInjecting bleachContesting truthSewing antagonism Seeding liesPulverizing self-respectServing selfSeizing rightsRaping the environmentTweeting nonsenseAvoiding questionPreying on weaknessPraising violenceEncouraging harassmentBullying uncontrollablyObserving … More About 45

Simple Sensations

Was it the intimate grouping, the dreamy vista, the engaging executive chef or the delectable finish?   YES. We gathered late afternoon on the patio of the Wickenburg Ranch tour center for the kick-off cooking class. This emerging community an hour plus northwest of Phoenix boasts low desert altitude and climate, homes which commune with dramatic surroundings, smashing golf, and residents looking for … More Simple Sensations

New in Town

Arizona’s mountain tapestry enveloped us as we approached.  Saguaros raised an arm-or multiples-in hello. The ocotillo’s crimson halo and gown of green enticed.  This is to be our home! The steps leading up to this moment were quick ones.  As the town approached and we emerged from our caravan of two with our golden retriever, … More New in Town