Aquamarine Me

Biba dushi translates as “living the good island life” in Papiamento, the blended language of the ABC islands: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Here in the crystal clear turquoise and aquamarine Caribbean waters surrounding Aruba, we are grateful for the day. Although the 70′ catamaran carries 72 more passengers than our Nevisian snorkel trip, the visibility … More Aquamarine Me

Tranquility Now

Here we are again, on the superbly crafted catamaran “Caona,” skimming the couple miles of blue Caribbean from Nevis to St. Kitts. Submerged with snorkels and fins, warm water penetrates our souls and rum punch fortifies. We encounter forgotten lavender sea fans, Ivory tube, brain and pillar coral, colonies of life encroaching boulders on this … More Tranquility Now