Aquamarine Me


Biba dushi translates as “living the good island life” in Papiamento, the blended language of the ABC islands: Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao.

Here in the crystal clear turquoise and aquamarine Caribbean waters surrounding Aruba, we are grateful for the day.

Although the 70′ catamaran carries 72 more passengers than our Nevisian snorkel trip, the visibility and number and varieties of fish and coral stun.  We may covet the trendy GoPro to capture this beauty, yet deep down believe the experience in the sea is exceptional without accoutrements. The itinerary includes Arachi Beach, the submerged 400′ Antilles wreck at 60′, and Boca Catalina for a profusion of sea life. We are definitely not alone, as other waters are not optimal for snorkeling.

And we capture memories and compare to our faded guide, exchanging choice sightings of Peacock Flounder, French Angelfish, Butterflyfish, and Squid. Equally remarkable are Damselfish, armies of Tangs and Sargeant Majors, Jacks, Snapper, Grunts (because they make this sound!), Parrotfish, Trunkfish, and Pufferfish in massive golden brown coral, possibly Elkhorn.

Biba dushi, it is!

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