About 45

Instilling doubt
Hindering democracy
Touting fraud
Disgracing America
Subverting humanity
Mocking disability
Generating fear
Ignoring equality
Creating disharmony
Delegitimizing integrity
Spewing hate
Perpetuating ignorance
Using religion
Defying values
Undermining freedom
Promoting racism
Eschewing decency
Championing nationalism
Eliminating transparency
Uncompromising egomania
Espousing fascism
Usurping power
Deriding morality
Prohibiting opportunity
Withholding aid
Discouraging free speech
Advancing elitism
Accelerating the pandemic
Spreading evil
Lacking awareness
Building walls
Resisting science
Blocking global unity
Impeding community
Elevating poverty
Injecting bleach
Contesting truth
Sewing antagonism 
Seeding lies
Pulverizing self-respect
Serving self
Seizing rights
Raping the environment
Tweeting nonsense
Avoiding question
Preying on weakness
Praising violence
Encouraging harassment
Bullying uncontrollably
Observing nothing
Hiding facts
Obstructing justice
Threatening stability
Disregarding reality
Testing sanity
Behaving badly
Devoid of character