On the Bright Side

Roadways and hillsides scream with yellow, orange and purple palettes.
Bunnies forage along the verdant course curves.
The Sweet Acacia is pungent with myriad yellow pompoms.
Brilliant Beavertail blossoms grab our attention.
Cha Cha Cherry and luminous Firecracker Penstemon astound.
Red spikes emerge from the Aloe.
Daily green growth on the bougainvillea and mesquite hint of more to come.
Lavender and daisies team for a stunning comeback.
Thyme and sage spill forth alongside dianthus and marigolds.
Symphonic colors burst from cacti.
Tiny white rosebuds pop against the stucco column.
Hubby’s allergies attack with ferocity.
Birds whistle and croon.
Grasshoppers appear on the scene.
Tiny horny toad lizards, young rattlers and teeny desert lizards debut.
Rainy days and rainbows recede.
The sun assumes its rightful position.
It’s Springtime in the Sonoran desert.