Tranquility Now

imageHere we are again, on the superbly crafted catamaran “Caona,” skimming the couple miles of blue Caribbean from Nevis to St. Kitts. Submerged with snorkels and fins, warm water penetrates our souls and rum punch fortifies. We encounter forgotten lavender sea fans, Ivory tube, brain and pillar coral, colonies of life encroaching boulders on this southeastern perimeter. Our captain, Lennox and dive instructor, Elvis capably manage our needs on a mid morning adventure. Today we number only four lucky guests in offseason. We are joined by honeymooners from Chicago. The guide book we bring along shows signs of age, as do we! Yet our satisfaction is huge as we meander clear azure seas among parrotfish, Sargent majors, jacks and miniscule neon varieties. Elvis points out a Southern stingray nearly buried in sand, its three foot spine catching our attention. ¬†The squid surprise me with the fluorescent light show on their bodies as they evade pursuit. We seek that familiar harmony and incredulity nature possesses and find it in these waters and on the sail. Feels like home!

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