Mother’s Day 2014: my part of a collaborative post

In the 90s, we two sisters began jaunts from L.A. and Milwaukee to be with our mom. We were growing our own families and juggled to make the visits happen. We met in Maryland at her home, played Scrabble and went for crab cakes. We surprised Mother, detouring from one of our homes to retrieve the other at an airport, for a trip to Galena or Ocean City. At the American Club in Kohler, WI, she acquiesced to a head and neck massage and became giddy. Once our destination was a Victorian flat in San Francisco. In Aviara, Carlsbad, CA, she barely left the ambient surroundings.  Our eldest son and now wife shared a meal. As we played games, the dining room table spontaneously shattered, stunning us all and bringing hysterical laughter.

At her funeral 14 months later, her friends told us she loved these trips.

It didn’t really matter where we went.

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