Abondanza in the Scottsdale Desert

Annual treks to a favorite place are so appealing. When Sassi is that place, I rejoice! We approach the sprawling Italian villa suitably complemented by the desert palette.  Inside are cavernous rooms reminiscent of a past stay at a castle in Chianti.  Though we feel a bit royal inside these walls, the outside beckons. The … More Abondanza in the Scottsdale Desert

A Toddler’s Look Underwater in La Jolla

Some travel adventures are worldly and others limited in scope.  In the mind of an 18 month-old, the backyard is fascinating.  On grandparenting detail in San Diego, while our eldest son and daughter-in-law pursued Chilean delights, we sought that unique destination and content which would perhaps rival the backyard. We shared Scripps Aquarium in La … More A Toddler’s Look Underwater in La Jolla

Mother’s Day 2014: my part of a collaborative post

http://travelingwithsweeney.com/2014/05/01/traveling-with-mom/ In the 90s, we two sisters began jaunts from L.A. and Milwaukee to be with our mom. We were growing our own families and juggled to make the visits happen. We met in Maryland at her home, played Scrabble and went for crab cakes. We surprised Mother, detouring from one of our homes to … More Mother’s Day 2014: my part of a collaborative post

My Maui: 14 for ’14

No zip-line, paintball, or a helicopter tour for me, thank you. Less than four months since the previous visit, my Maui beckoned from the northwest. 1) Humpback whales make us giddy! They amaze with distinct behavior patterns and sheer size, from a 2,000 pound newborn to 90,000 pound adult. Our Pacific Whale Foundation naturalist pointed … More My Maui: 14 for ’14


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