A Positive High School Memory

Kindness is all-powerful.

tg95_2One day two decades later, an individual elects to write about  a high school experience.  In the story, a reaction to recent and ongoing sorrowful tragedies, compromised interpersonal relationships and bullying, you read that one child had a positive effect on another at a vulnerable age. Something compelled Michael Miller to recall that positive human interaction.

The author’s youthful perception of his freshman schoolmate is so curious to me. Greg wasn’t exceptionally tall.  He was a bit gawky.  He wasn’t particularly adept at basketball.  He often warmed the bench in the following years.  His voice wasn’t that deep. But he spoke up.

As a result of one boy’s actions, a classmate gained respect and endurance for the rigors of high school-or at the very least, he sensed the kindness of another and felt better for it.

Seemingly insignificant actions of our everyday impact others immeasurably. Intrinsically, we know this,  but we need to be reminded.

I am moved and very grateful for the author’s perspective.  And proud, Greg.

2 thoughts on “A Positive High School Memory

  1. Super touching! I absolutely love this, and it’s so true that one act of kindness can make all the difference. Greg: every mother’s dream!

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