There’s Something about the Shore

norfolkmermaid There’s something about the shore-the Eastern shore, specifically.
STMSome call it God’s country.
We’ve trekked west coast to east coast annually the last thirty-five years, but rarely crossed the Chesapeake.portlight

An invitation to a niece’s Navy retirement on the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk generated a visit to my brother on the Bay.

DawnWe found the towns of Portsmouth and St Michaels easy, inviting and wonderfully walkable. Each have historic districts with claims to the past.  The first, in colonial Virginia, has built Naval vessels that impacted our nation.  The latter claims to have foiled the British in 1813.

The countryside is expansive, flat, green, meandering, and inundated with water: inlets, rivers, swamps, peninsulas and islets.

Fields of corn and soy abound. The entry ways- the Bay Bridge and Bay Bridge Tunnel- are glutted with cars filled to the brim to embrace summertime.

vacationThe byways strain to contain the weekend load.

RosieThe waters are dotted with vessels of pleasure and enterprise.

The hospitality in the region merits comment. Warmth abounds.
Our reaction is purely 10325516_1449774525307426_4010674074294933171_nphysiological, our juices flowing merely thinking of melons, tomatoes, corn on the cob.sign
Blue crabs????  We are drawn to Old Bay seasoning. Soft shells, steamed crabs, crab soup and crab cakes every which way.bluecrabs
The best ticket was a picnic table covered with brown paper, wooden mallets and beer in hand over the water at dusk, despite the mosquitos.

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