Changing Faces

In fall semester junior year, I changed my major at University of Maryland College Park from French- with a minor in Spanish—to nursing.  A roommate’s Anatomy & Physiology class taught by Sigmund Grollman, author of the required textbook, intrigued me. The leap from studying a language that infiltrated my dreams to the complexities of medicine, … More Changing Faces

A Positive High School Memory

Kindness is all-powerful. One day two decades later, an individual elects to write about  a high school experience.  In the story, a reaction to recent and ongoing sorrowful tragedies, compromised interpersonal relationships and bullying, you read that one child had a positive effect on another at a vulnerable age. Something compelled Michael Miller to recall that positive human interaction. The author’s youthful perception of … More A Positive High School Memory

Father’s Day 2014: Recalling Travels with Dad

A father’s influence is felt forever. Here, five travel bloggers share memories. * One man sought out extended life experiences abroad for his family. * A father-daughter road trip is relished for a lifetime. * Natural wonders provided the backdrop for family exploration together. * A dad’s curious mind and gravitational pull to the sea inspired yearning for the unknown. … More Father’s Day 2014: Recalling Travels with Dad

Carry On

Our backsides are widening and our friends have expanded ideologically. We  focus on travel, R&R, what’s for dinner, and some exercise for balance. Their concerns are the state of the planet and deep thinking. Approaching five decades, often on opposite coasts, we’ve come together to share joys and sorrows. We’ve also experienced growing pains and inexplicable heartbreak within the friendship. What were we thinking? … More Carry On