The Heart of It

You’ve been on my mind today, Dad.  Twenty-nine years ago we laid you to rest with a prayer.  it was too early.  Our kids were so young we hadn’t yet experienced parenting except for sleeplessness and diapers. We now know the agony and joys. Mom shared her gift of unconditional love, but you trump with … More The Heart of It

Carry On

Our backsides are widening and our friends have expanded ideologically. We  focus on travel, R&R, what’s for dinner, and some exercise for balance. Their concerns are the state of the planet and deep thinking. Approaching five decades, often on opposite coasts, we’ve come together to share joys and sorrows. We’ve also experienced growing pains and inexplicable heartbreak within the friendship. What were we thinking? … More Carry On

Lessons from Ken

Ken died one evening in August as Hurricane Isaac grew strength in Florida. During the day, grandchildren Brad and Mason kayaked in the floods that overcame Wellington.  Hospice caregivers and delivery of supplies and medications were ineffective against nature.  His wife and family, mounting a much stronger defense against the storm, were at his side as he … More Lessons from Ken

Napa time

Sean appeared bemused and satisfied as he surveyed us from our bed.  We zipped up our suitcases. He proceeded to giggle.  Sweet boy, I could stay in this moment forever with you….. Napa calls!  With exaggerated, delicious one-year old goodbyes, we were off. Those golden hills were our constant escort from LA on Labor Day.  … More Napa time

a blogging foray from the less than convinced

Today I post this first blog.  Accepting if not embracing technology, I’ll attempt to share what’s near and mostly dear.  The short list: family, friends, tradition, change, food, travel, body, mind and spirit. .. not necessarily in that order.  Did I say Sean? He is our grandson.  My heart and soul are open to this joy boy.  It’s unexplainable.  Nonna says … More a blogging foray from the less than convinced