Mother, This Would Have Been Your 87th Birthday

01-IMG_1064You would of course be happy.
The same radiance that encircled you on that day eight years ago would be present.
Maybe you would have chosen not to leave this world when you did. In your own words, you had a lot of love.
I think of you more now. Is it because I’m the mother and grandmother? Do you enjoy our conversations?
I see you in my reflection and in photos. It’s shocking but I like seeing you there, Mother.
IMG_1198Oh, I understand now about grandchildren. What a fantastic thrill they are. All those emotions of motherhood and love compounded. There are six great grandchildren now. You would be enchanted.
Did you crave them as I do? Mom, I hope I shared them with you generously as a daughter. I know my sons and daughters-in-law do and I treasure that.
I think you would wet your pants to know that we somehow brought home a guest from Albuquerque this month. All this after you made me unpack my college stuff in the driveway (!!!!) to avoid a cockroach infestation like the one in College Park.
I have so many things to tell you. You were a wonderful mother. Especially in the fifties and sixties with the craziness of it all. You and Dad taught me unconditional love. And plumped me full of self-worth. You taught me how to give. And release.
You might be surprised that your children diverted when you left. Some relationships were irreparably broken, and others renewed.
You may be aware that your youngest joined you yesterday. A sudden loss. I can only imagine how that is to a mother.
I love you.

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