a blogging foray from the less than convinced

Today I post this first blog.  Accepting if not embracing technology, I’ll attempt to share what’s near and mostly dear.  The short list: family, friends, tradition, change, food, travel, body, mind and spirit. .. not necessarily in that order.  Did I say Sean?

He is our grandson.  My heart and soul are open to this joy boy.  It’s unexplainable.  Nonna says Yes!

Another grandbaby boy is due in about 14 weeks.  Goodness!

I muse about the babies and their parents (Tim and Julie for Sean, Greg and Monique for bbrich), our growing family and the need to enjoy to the fullest.

Seeking a balancing of work  with the rest of life, we (my husband and I) have accepted layoff and made active status changes, respectively.   This, too, is magnificent!

A local pilates and yoga studio has provided an opportunity to embrace wellness. There’s a non-judgemental environment in individual practice, yet I feel a sense of community with other followers in these past two months.

We try to eat and cook healthy, love anything ethnic, fresh, spicy and bold.  I love my mother’s gift of her love of cooking, and relish seeing the tradition and passion carried on by our boys.   But control will always be a battle.   A quote from Oscar Wilde comes to mind: “Everything in moderation, including moderation.”

Travel whispers into my ear nonstop, wakes me at night, invades conversations and generally has resulted in obsession.   Three month old Sean, our boys and their wives joined us in Costa Rica in November. After a four month hiatus, we were joined in Andalucia  by Greg and Moni.

Tapas in Marbella

The two of us found luxury in Punta Mita, Mexico in May.  I pulled off  a surprise birthday party in Scottsdale for my husband in June with the help of  friends and family.


We overnighted in Santa Maria and somehow renewed membership with a winery after cutting ties in the past year for frugality’s sake.

Lavender fields, Los Olivos, CA

A trip to see the kids in D.C. in July was as hot and humid as  expected, but the down time and hops around town did not disappoint.  More adventures in Napa, Albuquerque, Maui, and Aviara are planned this year.  I dream of Scotland, Ireland, Italy,  Greece,  Thailand,  Alaska,  Hawaii, anywhere in the Caribbean or wine country. After a conversation at a party Saturday night, add Scandinavia to the list.  And the Czech Republic.

Whether anyone cares, there was some pleasure in the telling.  Maybe there will be more blogging about these and other wanderings.

5 thoughts on “a blogging foray from the less than convinced

  1. Beautifully written Lisa & your words allow the reader to connect or reconnect so easily. I miss you. Thank you for sharing with me. What a happy life! Xoxo

  2. Love being part of the journey. This is one of your gifts…share it! Stay with the busy look, it reps you well. Mas fotos tambien Xoxo

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