A Slice of SYV

A wine club dinner was our excuse for a 30 hour escape to the Santa Ynez Valley.  We popped into Roblar early afternoon for a tasting and charcuterie platter, and gratified, recalled why we joined.  In the members’ lounge upstairs, Shay charmed us with his Irish ways, embracing the wine and us, too.
On Ballard Canyon Road, the stop at Rusack winery was surprisingly quick- it was our server’s last day, and the contrast in passion was a letdown.
Further west, we renewed our vows at Babcock Winery and rejoined their club.  This winery consistently features knock-your-socks-off vino and engaging servers. If you’re into words AND grapes, you’ll fall for the 2013 Naughty Little Hillsides Pinot Gris, Je Ne Sais Pas and Ocean’s Ghost Pinot Noir.
The dinner event at Roblar featured flowing wine, tasty lavender-marinated watermelon bites, Gruyere puffs, farm-to-table fresh vegetables, and inimitable Santa Maria style barbecue.  Shay’s wife, Norma, was a terrific hostess.  Billy hosted with his unique cleverness and joie de vivre. That August evening, under the foliage cover, we toasted- an intimate table of eight, previously strangers- with Chardonnay, Meule Rouge (Syrah, Grenache and Merlot), and delectable Pinots.

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