Father’s Day 2014: Recalling Travels with Dad

Time to reblog this one! Thanks to the daughters who shared their fathers so eloquently and heartfully.


A father’s influence is felt forever. Here, five travel bloggers share memories.
* One man sought out extended life experiences abroad for his family.
* A father-daughter road trip is relished for a lifetime.
* Natural wonders provided the backdrop for family exploration together.
* A dad’s curious mind and gravitational pull to the sea inspired yearning for the unknown.
* And remarkably, one daughter researched and retraced her father’s footsteps in WWII.
The collaboration and writing brought smiles and tears. May you engage your own memories as Father’s Day nears.


Suzanne Fluhr
I inherited my considerable wanderlust from my art teacher father.  When I was nine, in 1963, he decided we should live in Mexico for a year. With no particular plan, my parents rented out our house in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, piled all three kids into the back of our unreliable 1957 Chevy and headed for Mexico where, eventually, we ended up in San Miguel…

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