Savoring Santa Ynez

Stimulating to the senses and one of our favorite treks: Santa Ynez Valley. We meandered the country roads and canyons by both car and bicycle this time. The balance injected some exercise into the mix and likely mitigated our purchases. Just two bottles are a strain in my backpack!
Noticeably parched in spots, local water conservation efforts were evident and appreciated. The region and the grapes benefit from a morning fog layer that gives way to sunny glory.
We embraced tasting at familiar spots and relished new wineries and breweries. The land and the people here exude grace and simplicity despite the complex artistic and technical nature of crafting wine. Their efforts knock our socks off.
We are sated!

5 thoughts on “Savoring Santa Ynez

  1. Love your photos and how you arranged everything on the page; well done!!

  2. Beautiful! First time to your blog. I live in Orange County. A trip to San Ynez is a real possibility! Thank you!

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