A Word a Week Photograph Challenge: Water

Behold, celebrate, luxuriate in it and slurp.  It is life-giving and life-saving.  All powerful, water may be merciful, and at times, merciless. An object of vast beauty, it is the stuff of dreams, a conduit to wherever and whatever.  Water is universally most precious, a need arguably greater than love.

UP in the City

Looking Up from the pedestrian overpass to City Center, it’s easy to feel dwarfed. You want to bet Las Vegas is the ultimate in sensory stimulation as you take (and likely overindulge) in the sounds, sights, smells, tastes and touch of Sin City and the swarms of people that flock there.

Parading for a Cause

In San Francisco’s Castro district each December, scantily clad and hugely exhilarated men and women make the annual partly unplanned trek about town. Oh so San Fran, and oh so fun, the annual Santa Skivvies event is produced by and benefits the San Francisco Aids Foundation.  It begins and ends at Lookout: 3600 16th Street.   … More Parading for a Cause