A Word a Week Photograph Challenge: Water

Behold, celebrate, luxuriate in it and slurp.  It is life-giving and life-saving.  All powerful, water may be merciful, and at times, merciless. An object of vast beauty, it is the stuff of dreams, a conduit to wherever and whatever.  Water is universally most precious, a need arguably greater than love.


Irish eyes Irish coffee Irish luck Irish jig Irish fairy tale Irish pub Irish countryside Irish tradition Irish music Irish whiskey Irish charm What would you add to the list of Irishisms?

Savoring Santa Ynez

Stimulating to the senses and one of our favorite treks: Santa Ynez Valley. We meandered the country roads and canyons by both car and bicycle this time. The balance injected some exercise into the mix and likely mitigated our purchases. Just two bottles are a strain in my backpack! Noticeably parched in spots, local water … More Savoring Santa Ynez

Heavens to Betsy

The slowest, most deliberate Lomi Lomi, Swedish and NMT strokes put me in a place between awake and asleep, satisfied. In a hale over Hulopoe Bay, the waves and birds orchestrated. I’ve no doubt that the Four Seasons massage therapist would have  rearranged nature’s sounds to my liking, if I wished, but this music was sweet … More Heavens to Betsy