Genoa and the Sea

Genoa is pleasing in its architecture, history, and people. The Ligurian Sea is an intimate presence one savors in the everyday.

We rejoice the rooftop terrace of our B&B and particularly, the generous hosts, Gian Pietro and Gabriella, who suggest a plan to see their city on foot.

Genoa lays claim to Cristoforo Colombo, plus a famed violin virtuoso, prophet and politician, father of the national anthem, architect, and poet.  It stuns the eye with grandeur and grace, from Porta Antica to Spianata di Castelletto. For some reason, the Palazzo Ducale has two facades, and the Porta Soprana is rounded in one view, squared in the other. Today the fountain in Piazza de Ferrari is pink, and one resident is not so impressed.

We adore the enoteca recommended to us, Infernotta.  We latch onto mouth-watering focaccia and pesto. Later we are somehow surprised to have the best prosciutto ever.

Grazie, Genoa.

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