Sourcing Sea and Land in San Diego, with Gusto

Sometimes it’s right under our noses, literally. Two of San Diego’s unique, in sync companies caught my attention recently on tours with fellow IFWTWA (International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association) members from southern California. At Catalina Offshore Products, the sea and its intensity permeate the vast space. Starting out as a sea urchin diver … More Sourcing Sea and Land in San Diego, with Gusto


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So San Francisco

You awaken to the cable car sounds below. The mist lifts and the sun finds your face among the tall buildings. The Ferry Building is alive outside with its weekend marketplace. Your senses sing praise to the offered bits of peaches and pluots, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, pickled vegetables, salmon, pastry, honey, lavender, sea salt and … More So San Francisco

A Slice of Athens

In the 12 day eastern Mediterranean cruise, the days and wine flow.  Among wonders of the world we are moved and incredulous. The ancient ruins unfold before visitors from all corners of the globe. In Athens, our port time was satisfying on all accounts. The ship docked early. The day was a sunny 70 degrees. … More A Slice of Athens